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The test site is a replica of the development eCOI environment that is available for training and experimentation.  Internal access only:  eCOI Test & Training Site

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The electronic conflict of interest (eCOI) application is a web-based financial disclosure routing and tracking system. The system increases the efficiency of the administrative processes for review of financial disclosures. It replaced a cumbersome, paper-intensive process under which applicants previously submitted disclosures for review.


Questions Regarding Conflict of Interest:(Print View - PDF Format):

What is a conflict of interest?
Why do you need to disclose?
Who needs to disclose?
What do you need to disclose?
What are the deadlines for disclosing?
Who gets to see the financial information I provide in my disclosure?
Are all significant financial interests considered a conflict of interest?
What are the Conflict of Interest training requirements?
What is the Conflict of Interest Committee (COIC)?
Where can I view the Investigator Conflict of Interest policy?


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